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Top 10 things a Teaching website must have

Build a professional website

A teaching website’s where people visit to get much-needed expertise in any given field for themselves or their wards. Such a prestigious website should demonstrate top-notch quality in all aspects. Let’s discuss a few things that can boost the quality and performance of your training website.

Ensure the website has HTTPS certificate

HTTPS website adds not only security to your site but gives a sense of confidence to the visitors. You might have noticed a small section followed by the address bar in the “chrome” browser. It always displays the security status of the website that you visit. Chrome displays “Not secure” status for all non HTTPS sites, and vice versa.

Chrome displays the statuses because Google wants you to ensure the website is secure, and this even has an impact on the website’s SEO. Secured websites get higher ranking when compared with “Not secure” sites. A training site that provides an HTTPS protocol is often regarded as a reputable one.

Please don’t underestimate the power of reputation, and don’t ever miss a chance to earn it. Talk to your hosting provider for HTTPS, most of the time these certificates are free or a minimum cost.

Robots.txt and sitemap.xml

Unfortunately, many of the webmasters disregard the robots.txt and sitemap.xml. A training website would and should know the significance of both these files. Search engines grip on the sitemap.xml data to identify the crucial pages relevant to your business. That way, your website will get a better ranking when compared with your competitor’s site.

Also, robots.txt file help prevents the search engines from accessing classified pages and files on your website. Ensuring data protection is very much essential for any business that relies on online presence.

List your Services/ Courses

Visitors nowadays have a 30second attention span, before they move on to other pages. It’s a good idea to list your upcoming events or your highlighted service offerings on the main page.

Consequently, users will be able to explore the offering by clicking the internal links. As the user browses through all of your products/services, the chances of him/her requesting a quote or counseling are high.

Content is the king

Search engines consider the activity pattern when they rank. Uploading news content, blog posts, updates from Facebook, and twitter accounts can help keep the page actively, and your website will get better ranking as well.

Likewise, the text and images on your website can make or break the conversions. The content should speak to the readers, and it should feel more like a personalized message. Buyers hate it when they read texts or images that visibly try to sell.

Instead, use content that educates and demonstrates the benefits of your products/services. At wajooba, we have Events and Courses plugin that allows you to automate this process and ensure fresh content for your website.

Let thy traffic not bounce.

Often businesses use scheduling tools like calendars and event booking apps. If your business requires such tools, ensure that the traffic is not diverted to some other website but stays on your website. High-traffic is the key to any online business, and a training website is no exception.

At Wajooba, we ensure this by allowing,

  • Custom Domains – your account resides on your website, e.g.
  • Custom Themes – your account will have the same look and feel of your website.
  • Website Plugins – Integrates with the content on your website and boosts SEO.

Try to attach the module to your website. Avoid using links that send the user to some other site.

Register with GMB -Google

GMB (google my business) is a specialized tool for all online and offline corporations. It helps companies to manage their online presence. For instance, when a user searches for “dance class near me,” the search engine will list the GMB registered shops and businesses in the top results and if the name matches then it will list on the left based on the geographical area.

Users can find your business smoothly when you are registered with GMB, and you also will be able to showcase your profile in the relevant search results. So, make the most use of Google services by signing up for a GMB account, and the best part is, it is Free. Also, GMB registered business websites get higher ranking as per the algorithm.

Build your SEO – Yoast for WordPress

Your content may be informative and useful for readers, but search engines don’t care about the material’s objective. Search engine rank websites primarily depending on the SEO aspects. Yoast plugin is an excellent tool that helps you do a better on-page SEO. There are other tools as well but have found this one better.

It includes things like key-phrase analysis and readability analysis features. A higher readability score means easy to read and understand. Yoast plugin helps you manage the transition words, passive voice, and length of the sentences and paragraphs optimally.

At wajooba, you can measure the analytic of your website right on your dashboard.

Speed is everything

A fast website is a preliminary sign that shows the quality and expertise of the business owner or the organization. People never like to wait for a slow-loading page, and they close the tab and skip to the next page.

To get more traffic, the website should not take more than 5seconds to load. It always worth it to spend time and money on optimizing your web site’s loading speed.

At wajooba, we use fast servers that are optimized for speed, so clients don’t have to wait to view the calendar, courses and events.

Online payments

When a motivated seller is ready to buy, we should enable him to close the deal without any hurdles, E-commerce on your website to sell your products and services is super important.

We should always be doing ABC – Always Be Closing.

At wajooba, you can list all your courses with Recurring and one-time payment options. Besides, you can make it more attractive with offers and discounts.

Install Google Analytics

Last but not least, use google analytics for SEO purposes. It helps you check the top-performing pages and high-ranking keywords. You can compare the types of traffic and the conversion percentage using google analytics. In the end, better ranking, high-traffic, and better-conversion are the most important things that matter.

These tips are just the start of your commitment to support your students in their training journey.

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