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How Wajooba Software Powers Online Yoga in 2020

Wajooba Yoga Software is creating a Big Buzz in 2020.

Learn how this Management Solution can Power-Up Your Online Yoga Studio Presence.

Wajooba Software is an easy-to-use management solution for your online yoga studio. Wajooba helps you build a better and faster business by providing powerful marketing tools and strong CRM.

Social-distancing practices in 2020 have made yoga move online. With Wajooba Soft-ware you can build a successful yoga brand online. You can conduct classes in all mo-des i.e In-Person, Online as well as launch an online course to reach students more effectively.

Better still, with Wajooba´s amazing marketing tools you can reach out to many new students either locally or globally.

Furthermore, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrated software offers you a competent management solution that tracks, analyses, segments, and automates your data for you.

3 Top Reasons to Give Wajooba Yoga Software a Go!

1. Wajooba is Free and Offers Payment Solutions

The good news is that Wajooba is absolutely free for beginners to try out. You don’t need a credit card to start setting up your own online yoga studio.
The sign-up process is simple and you’ll have an internet presence in a few minutes flat.
The Wajooba ´Free Plan´ is the perfect place to start. It allows for up to 50 students and 2GB of cloud storage space in which to upload your content.
For example: if you tend to just teach yoga from home, or from a private studio to a medium number of students. Or you are just curious to find out how it all works?

Why not test-drive this free management solution right now? Find out for yourself how easy it becomes to coordinate your yoga schedules, calendars, class plans, student profiles as well as post events and send out invites.

You can also assign unlimited ´Guardians´ to your students. ´Guardians´ are mentors, who have individual permissions to oversee certain students. Therefore, they can view your student’s online accounts, comments, and practice videos.

All 4 of the Wajooba payment plans allow rapid yet highly secure PCI-DSS credit card payments. – at extremely affordable rates.

The highly recommended ´Wajooba Growth Plan´ allows you 100GB of storage space, unlimited student numbers, and multiple admins and guardians.

2. Wajooba Yoga Software Makes Keeping in Touch Simple

Wajooba Online Yoga Studio can be viewed by your students from any device, anywhere. Whether they are on an iPad or an Android phone, or on their laptops at home, they can log into their private student accounts in any time zone.

From there, they can smoothly purchase yearly- or monthly-memberships or class-passes to live stream sessions. They can also upload practice videos, cancel a class, or simply reach out to you, their yoga instructor.

On top of all of that, you will possess the smart technology to reach out to brand new clients with the amazing up-to-date marketing tools that Wajooba offers.

3. Customer Support at Wajooba – Is Forever

At Wajooba, customer support is our major priority. You will receive support no matter which payment plan you have signed up for, for as long as and as much as you need it. Use our 24/7 chatbox, email, or call us directly to keep in touch.

5 Ways Wajooba CRM Will Grow Your Business

A customer relationship management solution is for everyone who doesn’t have the time (or the expense account) to customize their own data analytics software or write their own lead-automation code.

Wajooba Yoga Software has integrated this smart tool for your ultimate success in business. It basically does your admin work for you. It tracks all your data and leads. Then, it puts all these essential data together in ways that make sense to you – and that you can act on.

1. Host Online Yoga Courses and Get Paid

CRM Software gives you the personal power to sell your online teacher-training works-hops, retreats, and daily yoga classes. Wajooba has integrated the Zoom App to seamlessly stream your sessions while providing a secure Payment Gateway that accepts all major cards.

Whether you are running a Teacher Training Workshop or a Beginners Course, you can accept payment on your Wajooba Yoga studio website.

And, if you are holding an open meditation retreat and do not wish to ask for a payment, Wajooba will request and accept donations on your behalf during your session.

2. Host Online Yoga Courses and Get Paid

  • Online Payments and Donations:

Wajooba accepts secure online payments on all major credit cards. And furthermore, it can ask for donations on your behalf. This means you can simultaneously attract new clients with free demos while boosting your earning potential!

You won’t miss a payment again. The CRM software reminds you of who has paid up their membership fees and who hasn’t. It can also handle monthly recurring (AutoPay) memberships and multiple- or single-class passes making sure your students are paid up ahead of time.

  • Smart Reminders:

Smart reminders make sure your students don’t miss a beat. You can send out automated alerts a day or an hour before your yoga online or physical events are scheduled
Wajooba Yoga Software offers you every opportunity to earn money – while doing what you love best.

3. Online Store: Alternate Source of $$$

The online store is one of the most lucrative solutions that Wajooba software provides. Here is a fantastic opportunity to generate extra capital by selling your branded gear such as yoga clothing, yoga mats, props, books, and other related merchandise on the internet.

4. Wajooba Mobile-Friendly Calendar:

Wajooba´s mobile-friendly calendar allows you to schedule your courses online. Students can access your yoga programs on their mobile phones while ´on-the-go´. They can book or reschedule sessions and update their profile. This handy marketing solution keeps you in-sync with your students always.

5. Lead Management: Track data and Get More Clients!

Wajooba´s great CRM is key to tracking and optimizing your data. You’ll receive accurate and up-to-date analytics. This useful data will empower you to deliver optimum service to your clients.

As well as sending you customized reports, the CRM program will alert you to leads generated off the internet which you can make notes on, and follow up on.

A Brief Intro to Wajooba´s awesome Marketing Tools:

  • Automated Direct Marketing:

You can send up to 100 SMS text messages using SMS marketing. Or create stunning emails using the integrated MailChimp application. This means that you can alert students to events, classes, or online yoga workshops. Set scheduled times for emails or texts to go out. easily edit or change anything at the last minute.

  • Discount Codes:

Create attractive customized special offers with discount codes. This is an effective way to tempt students to try their classes or get special deals on your yoga merchandise in your Wajooba online store.

  • Customized Skins:

It is super easy to create a new website that looks fantastic with Wajooba Yoga Software. You get an attractive drag-and-drop builder to build themed websites. To boot, you’ll ha-ve personally customized skins! This means you choose your own themed colors that match your personal brand palette. As well as be able to add background images and personalized logos.

Wajooba Software Is the Yoga Management Solution for You!

Wajooba Yoga Software is proven to be a dynamic way for Yoga instructors to increase their online presence whilst earning better bucks and increasing student numbers. It’s a smart management solution to the social-distancing challenges we face in 2020. You don’t have to be isolated, any longer. Reach out to the World with Wajooba.

Try it for free today.

Reach out with Wajooba and Watch your Online Yoga Business Grow!

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