Why Choose Blogger With Static Websites Over Wordpress

Blogging Is Important For Businesses

Being digitally aware is a need in todays increasingly digitized world. Need develop a strong web presence to engage and communicated with Customers and Audience.

While having a highly Optimized Website is essential, Blogging helps businesses do
  • Connect With Your Clients
  • Boosts SEO
  • Helps to establish your Brand
  • Get more Relevant Leads

Blogging Platforms

There are multiple blogging platforms, below are few

  • WordPress - It is the most Popular Blogging Platform and CMS. There are two ways to use this platform
    • For Blogging, Create an Account and use wordpress.org
    • Private Hosting - This is used to create CMS based websites and blogs
  • Blogger - Blogger is a free Blogging Service from Google, We will discuss about this in detail
  • Medium.com - Its a nice simple blogging platform

Why We Moved to Blogger

Most of the clients go with Wordpress for their Websites, as it it allows them to
  • Easily Manage Website Content
  • Wordpress has some awesome plugins most common would be 3-4 plugins which might be needed
  • Blogging - It allows them to publish their Blogs
  • Adding SEO to the Site.
After working with many training Studios (dance, yoga, IT ), what we have Observed is that
Our Clients would love to have a
  • Simple Website where everything is working
  • They should be able to edit the Content freely
  • They expect the website should be fast and bug free
  • They would love if they can maintain the website themselves rather that the WebAmin maintaining it.
And what we Observed with Wordpress are, 
  • Websites become slower
  • Constant upgrades are needed, thus there is a need of a Web Admin
  • Generates lot of Spam
  • Most of the Users get discouraged from using the website if its slow or not hit by spam messages
  • Since Wordpress needs a database server in the backend, It needs a special hosting.
The reasons why the websites becomes slow is
  • Plugin vulnerabilities  
  • Core and Theme Vulnerabilties
  • Hosting on Slow Servers, leads to slower response.

Simple Website Solution

We would like to propose a Simple and Powerful way of having super fast and bug free websites 
  • Simple HTML5 Websites
  • Use Blogger for Blogging
  • Use Wajooba Website Plugins to Update the dynamic portion of the Website
    • Like Sections of Page Content
    • Events, ContactUs, Subscribe all can be Managed through Plugins for a tighter integration.

Advantages of the Approach

  • Websites are Blazing Fast
  • You can maintain it yourself
  • Hosting is Simple and Easy
  • Eliminate Website Attacks
  • Cheaper - Hosting providers can charge upto $250-$300 for Wordpress Hosting, while HTML5 static websites are way lesser than that.

Advantages of Blogger aka BlogSpot

Blogging is hosted by Google, it has following Pros
  • Its Free
  • Supports HTTPS Secure Protocol
  • You can get a configurable domain name e.g https://acme.blogspot.ccom
  • Simple to Use
  • Highly Customizable, you can Customize it so that it will have the same look and feel of your website
  • Easily Monetize the Website
  • Comes with Analytics
  • Chance of a Better SEO - This depends on multiple factors, but definitely you an added edge


Having Simple HTML5 Websites help build faster websites, in addition Using Blogger for the Blogging will help you get Awesome websites.

Let us know your thoughts.

Happy Blogging!